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Dr. BIPIN Deshpande


Services Offered : Dermatology Consultation & Treatment for all your Skin, Hair & Nail problems Consultation & Treatment of all Cosmetic Dermatological problems Laser Consultation & Treatment of all Skin & Hair problems (hair removal & hair regrowth) Skin Surgery (Scarless, Stitchless) of all skin lesions, blemishes, scars, extra growths, moles Special Advance Treatments for Dark Circles, Hyperpigmentation, Acne Advance Treatment for all Non-healing Wounds, Diabetic Wounds Home Treatment for Bed Sores


Skin Therapy
Skin Therapy INR 11000 INR 10000 Skin Therapy Phototherapy : Light that Heals BioBeam 660 Phototherapy is one of the latest low intensity narrow band light therapies developed in Israel. It is based on the original research paper "Macrophage responsiveness to light therapy". Published in "Laser in surgery & medicine" in 1989 by Young, Dyson, Bolton, Harvey & Diamantopooulos all from London. This treatment uses the special healing properties of Narrow Band Low Level Red Light of 660 nm for treating skin problems of various nature by the process of "Photobiomodulation." This treatment gives excellent results in many frustrating skin problems like "Non Healing Wounds, Acne, Herpes". For more information please visit syro-tech.com The following problems show excellent response to "BioBeam 660 Phototherapy". Diabetic Gangrene Before After partial amputation of great toe & surgical drainage of tenosynovitis Before Phototherapy Excellent Result of Wound Healing with Phototherapy Diabetic Non-healing Wounds on Sole 1) Gangrene (above) & 2) Neuropathic Ulcer (below) Non-healing Diabetic Wound Before Phototherapy Excellent Wound Healing with Phototherapy True 1449233118
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